Large growth can be expected in local tourism in the Netherlands; domestic holidays are becoming even more popular. Are you looking for a solution to expand your (mini) camping? Create more accommodation options through our unique and comfortable accommodations!


Introducing … CampSolutions is a young and dynamic company that has quickly grown into the European market leader in the rental and sale of temporary sleeping accommodation and hospitality tents.


We supply basic tents to luxury accommodations with cozy furnishings. We also have special options for guests who go for more comfort. Distinguish your camping from the rest with our eye catchers!

See here already some of our possibilities!

The Bell tent for two, four or six people with its stylish round shape and natural appearance is the perfect outdoor tent for camping in nature with everything seen. The tent is spacious with sufficient living and sleeping facilities. Need more space? Place the Pharaoh of the Regular as an extra tent for extra sleeping and / or storage space.

The latest addition to the Campsolutions range: The Pharaoh! This double tent in pyramid shape is available in no less than four different colors. If this is not enough, the Pharaoh can be expanded with an awning so that the guest remains protected against rain or sunshine.

The five hotel rooms of Room45 are equipped with private sanitary facilities and WiFi, are soundproofed and equipped for two to three people. The air conditioning keeps it nice and cool inside during a warm summer. Ideal for guests who go out during the day and can enjoy their own refreshing shower when they return! This sustainable movable accommodation suits our dynamic and mobile society!


Back to nature in this double comfortable Air. Waking up to the sounds of nature. With its sleek design, it is a real eye-catcher. The Air feels like a very cozy accommodation inside.

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