After the success of Down The Rabbit Hole, the director of Lowlands immediately asked if we also wanted to do such a glamping for them. We have been working closely with Lowlands since 2015 to create a total concept and, more importantly, a total experience when it comes to the ultimate festival glamping. In the following years this grew into an ever greater collaboration and ditto glamping, the GLLamcamp. From army tents to luxury suites to a size of more than 5000 accommodations with comfortable beds. Some units are even equipped with electricity. The catering concept with a luxurious breakfast, coffee and even a breakfast in bed service to a snack in the late hours. You can chill in hot tubs and the specially equipped chill areas.
“Campsolutions has been providing the glampings at Lowlands and Down The Rabbit Hole for a number of years. Starting with a limited number of accommodations, the glampings have now become an essential part of both festivals, where visitors can choose from a wide range of accommodations. Campsolutions has we have our finger on the pulse with regard to the wishes of visitors: every year we innovate and good new ideas are created. The cooperation runs smoothly and efficiently, so that Campsolutions really unburdens us in this area.”
– MOJO – Bente Bollmann, Marketing manager
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Sintelweg 4
7399 RM Empe
The Netherlands


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8304 BD Emmeloord
The Netherlands

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