Make your stay even more sustainable

The GreenSolutions are smart, circular and innovative solutions to make the guest’s stay more sustainable and even more pleasant.


Charging a phone, tablet or Bluetooth speaker in your own accommodation? This is easily done with the Sunflower Solar. The Sunflower Solar generates energy with four solar panels on top of the tent. The energy that is generated with this is stored in a white battery that hangs in the middle of the tent.

How it works?

The Sunflower Solar battery is fully charged after 2 to 3 hours of sunlight (even in cloudy conditions). The Sunflower Solar has 4 USB outputs and can charge 15 to 20 smartphones per day. Endless mobile power! And that without making a sound. In addition, there is an RGB LED light cable of 3 meters, so that you also have light in your accommodation.

innovative air mattress

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